Are the roses real?


Yes they are. Premium fresh cut roses. 


Am I able to arrange a specific time for the flowers to be delivered? 


Yes you are.  You just have to pick a date and time at the checkout process, after adding to cart. There are 2 timing periods within a day:


1: 10am-12pm
2: 3pm-7pm


Can I order via e-mail?


Yes you can. In this case you have to provide the following details:


1: TO name
2: FROM name
3: Your wishes to the recipient
4: Delivery details /delivery address, delivery date etc/
5: Billing address


Next we would send you an invoice, which will allow you then to make a transfer. 


Are there any extra charges for custom boxes?


No. We don't charge for don't charge for the multiple coloured arrangements. We can also place the initials, numbers to be shaped in the arrangements for Free!


Do you offer same day delivery?


Usually we don't. Because we work with fresh flowers directly from the growers, so it depends on the inventory etc..


How many days ahead should I place my order?


Well the best and the most secure is 2-3 days. 


Do you charge for the delivery?


No we don't. We offer the delivery in all of Detroit Metro Area for Free!